Tri-County ROP

Advantages of Career Technical Education Career Pathways

  • A guided path to move through Secondary and Post-Secondary education
  • The opportunity to obtain college credit for courses completed in high school
  • A strong core of academics from which to move into a variety of Career Pathways
  • Cutting-edge technical expertise and facilities
  • Exposure to high-paying careers
  • Opportunities to participate in Work-Based Learning activities, to gain an inside look at the world of work
  • Better educated workers who are prepared to grow and develop on the job
  • Greater number of skilled workers
  • Reduced employer training costs
  • Employees who know how to apply knowledge and skills to solve work-related problems
  • A healthier economy with workers earning higher wages to spend and invest
  • An improved quality of life supported by successful businesses and well-paid residents of the community

Industry Sectors

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Arts, Media and Entertainment
Building Trades and Construction
Education, Child Development and Family Services
Energy and Utilities
Engineering and Design
Fashion and Interior Design
Finance and Business
Health Science and Medical Technology
Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
Information Technology
Manufacturing and Product Development
Marketing, Sales and Service
Public Services